About Cases in Microscopic Haematology

Cases in Microscopic Haematology is a collection of 80 case studies specifically designed to engage the learner in the laboratory process of data and blood film analysis, differential diagnosis and reporting.

Each case provides the family history, analyser data and blood film/slide. Students use a template to complete the differential diagnosis and reporting. The process and template simulates the laboratory environment. Cases are organised according to difficulty and the worked cases are available in the back of the text.

A suite of 20 Virtual Slides will accompany the casebook. Cases in Microscopic Haematology is an excellent companion to Microscopic Haematology: a practical guide for the laboratory 3e and will appeal to both the academic and professional market as either a pack or stand alone resource.

This text will provide the opportunity for the student and laboratory technician to work through the case studies using a template similar to that used in a functioning laboratory.


  • 80 Haematology cases with answers
  • 106 high quality haematology images
  • Introduction to blood film preparation
  • Comprehensive description of artifactual changes that may occur in red call, white call and platelets
  • Spiral bound for ease of use in the laboratory setting

Example Case Study

Case 20: A 25 year-old Asian female who is 4 weeks pregnant. The analyser data and the blood film indicate that this patient has a microcytic hypochromic anaemia.

Q: What is your differential diagnosis? What tests would you request by the clinician to arrive at an actual outcome or definitive diagnosis?

November 2011 ISBN: 978 0 7295 4092 6 Spiral Bound, 218pp Churchill Livingstone